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Discover the Harmony of Hearing

In a world where sound surrounds us, protecting our ears becomes an essential act of self-care. Whether you’re rocking out at a concert, navigating the bustling city streets, or seeking solace in a quiet corner, Loop Earplugs are your trusty companions. These unassuming cylindrical wonders blend comfort, style, and sound protection into a harmonious symphony for your ears.

Why Wear Earplugs?

The Secret to Superhero-Like Hearing

Imagine having superhero-like hearing—able to discern the faintest whispers or the most delicate notes. Earplugs are your sidekick in this quest. They shield your ears from the villains of loud sounds that can cause irreversible damage over time. Exposure to sounds at 80 dB or above for prolonged periods, or even intense sounds for short bursts, can harm your hearing. Concerts, motorcycles, power tools, and heavy machinery all fall into this danger zone. Loop Earplugs step in as your defenders, preserving your auditory superpowers.

Loop for Focus and Sensory Comfort

A Quiet Oasis in a Noisy World

But earplugs aren’t just for protecting against decibel villains. They also serve as your secret weapon for focus and concentration. Picture this: you’re in an open-plan office, surrounded by the cacophony of ringing phones, keyboard clatter, and chatty colleagues. Your superpower? Loop Earplugs. Slip them in, and suddenly the world softens. Distracting sounds retreat, leaving you with a serene space to tackle tasks. For those on the autism or ADHD spectrum, Loop Earplugs provide sensory comfort, allowing them to navigate the world with greater ease.

Loop Earplugs: The Audiologist’s Verdict

Comfort, Fit, and Sound Quality

As an audiologist, I’ve put Loop Earplugs through their paces. Here’s my take:

  1. Comfort: Loop Earplugs, made of soft silicone, nestle comfortably in your ears. No more fidgeting or discomfort during extended wear.
  2. Fit: Their cylindrical design ensures a snug fit, blocking out unwanted noise without feeling intrusive. Plus, they come in chic colors like Rose Gold and iridescent shades—because protection should never be dull.
  3. Protection: Loop Earplugs filter sound rather than muffling it. Their patented acoustic channel and mesh maintain sound quality while reducing noise by up to 18 dB1. Say goodbye to ringing ears after a night of clubbing!
  4. Lifespan: These little troopers are built to last. Wipe them clean, and they’re ready for another day (or night) of action.

Loop’s Rise During the Pandemic

From High School Friendship to 1 Million Pairs Sold

Loop’s journey began with Dimitri O and Maarten Bodewes, high school friends on a mission. After a night of clubbing, they faced the dreaded ringing ears. Determined to find a solution, they birthed Loop Earplugs. Their brand skyrocketed during the pandemic as people shared study spaces and home offices with family and friends. Suddenly, Loop became the unsung hero of focus, sensory relief, and uninterrupted productivity.

Elevate Your Comfort with Quiet 2

Soft-Touch Silicone and Re-Engineered Shape

Quiet 2, Loop’s latest offering, takes comfort to new heights. With soft-touch silicone and a re-engineered shape, these earplugs redefine cozy. Even sleep becomes a serene experience.

Life at Your Volume